January 7th 2018 Diva-X-The Body is the Temple


January 7th 2018 Diva-X-The Body is the Temple


Private Event January 7th  9AM-5PM

Our bodies are the sacred gift we have been given for our souls to reside in, and they tell us what we need to know if we just listen. Many of us make the decision to treat it as a temple and begin a health and wellness program to create better physical health, with goals to lose weight, love our bodies, eat well, move as much as possible. 

And YAY for the Goddess who steps into and embraces the challenge of getting into better physical health, but that is only one piece of the puzzle. Our emotional and spiritual health is just as important, and often we have met our physical health goals through pure determination and grit, but not dealt with the emotional and spiritual issues that brought us out of alignment with our bodies to begin with. We may or may not have gained our confidence back when we got in shape. We may still be running the same stories in our heads around how we look, which are usually stories that came from somewhere outside of ourselves. 

I once had a teacher tell me "the issues are in the tissues" and we do hold many of our physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences in the body. When we listen to the body and become aware, we can use processes such as Intentional Creativity, movement and other practices to release what is no longer serving us. 

We have all heard the terms Woman's Intuition...and "I feel it in my gut". As women we are born with it, we have an internal guidance system that is a gift we often forget.

In our modern society we tend to live in our heads, with to-do lists and noise constantly playing through our heads. We have forgotten how to come into the body and listen to its wisdom. The body tells us a lot more than if we are just physically healthy, when we listen to it, we can get clues on our emotional and spiritual health as well.

In this full day Intentional Creativity class we will learn the tools needed to quiet the mind, and pay attention to the messages our body is giving us, because our body rarely steers us wrong if we just listen. We will paint with intention, movement and listening to the messages our body has for us, and put those messages on the canvas. We will learn to hear and to see from our Inner Wisdom instead of voices outside of ourselves.We will release the stories no longer serving us around our bodies, and learn to embrace being perfectly imperfect. 

All supplies provided. No art experience necessary, just a willingness to listen to your body, and love yourself in your body. 


Classes are offered at Amused Woman Studios. Please see calendar for specific class themes, dates, and times. 

No refunds for cancellations, if you need to cancel we will reschedule you to another class date and time. 

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