Begins 8-26-18 It's Good to Be the Queen- 3 Class Intentional Creativity Journey


Begins 8-26-18 It's Good to Be the Queen- 3 Class Intentional Creativity Journey


Class Dates:

August 26th 1-5 PM

Sept. 30th 1-5 PM

October 28th 1-5 PM

In this three part series we are going to explore through paint, journaling and inner work practices what it means to be sovereign, self-empowered and be the Queen of your life and inner world.

In addition to painting class time we will meet 3 times virtually via Zoom to be in circle, explore how we are doing with the practices I will give you, and to share more teachings.

The word sovereign means

1. ) the quality or state of being sovereign, or of having supreme power or authority.

2.) having supreme rank, power, or authority.

It means having the freedom of choice, in all aspects of your life, and at the same time being fully aware that your choices effect everyone and everything around you. 

It means standing in your power without exerting power or manipulating others, situations, outcomes to get what you think you want. But tapping into your power to unapologetically create the life your heart and soul desires. It means knowing where you are leaking or giving away your power and without judgement reclaiming it. 

It means giving authority and rank to yourself and that you give no person or system power over your mind, body or spirit. (Christine Arylo) It means you are whole within yourself and do not look externally for your wholeness. 

Together we will explore and get to know our Inner Queens, and we will paint our unique versions of her. We will understand the light and the shadow side of the archetype of the Queen.

And MOST importantly we will have fun while taking our thrones. I am thinking tiaras and a grand ball dance party.

This class is limited to 6 women, pre-registration is required.

All supplies are provided and no art experience is necessary. I do encourage you to bring a journal and sketchbook.

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