Sept. 13-15th Dancing Through The Rainbow Mixed Media Weekend with Sepha Nisbit


Sept. 13-15th Dancing Through The Rainbow Mixed Media Weekend with Sepha Nisbit

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Please join me and guest Artist Sepha Nisbit-with Travel’n’Brushes- Mixed Media Artist, Watercolor Artist and Intentional Creativity Guild Member for a 2.5 day mixed media journal to learn about color, imagination and the spiritual means of the rainbow and its frequencies.

You receive a $25 discount if you attend all three sessions, or they can be purchased ala carte. See below for details on each.

Sept. 13th 7-9PM Red Thread Circle-Dancing Through the Rainbow

Join artist Sepha Nisbet of Travel’n’Brushes and Dina Tibbs to Dance thru the colors of the rainbow. Using our visionary imagination we will explore the Rainbow and the science that says color is light vibrations. Each color vibrates differently, and each person, because of the receptors in our eyes, sees it differently. Colors also have a color temperature... We will spend some time imagining being in a rainbow and experience the colors in new ways... Colors are light vibrations. Each one of us see and experiences these vibrations in a different way! What colors resonate with you the most? Why?

You will enjoy Tea, chocolate, a simple project & sisterhood.

** Red Thread Circles are about weaving the common threads of our story together. The medicine of the Red Thread Circle it is for women who feel called to meet in community. The Red Thread has a profound capacity for connecting minds and hearts around what matters.
Won't you join us? **

Class price: $25

Sept. 14th 10AM-5PM Splash, Color and Create! A Watercolor Workshop

Join artist Sepha Nisbet of Travel’n’Brushes and explore the color wheel using a limited palette of 6 colors. Learn color mixing, temperatures, and a quick loose way of creating fun paintings. In the afternoon we will continue by creating textures and seeing how they can be applied to paintings. Many fun surprises along the way! We will be working with watercolors but most of these techniques can also be used with Acrylic paints on canvas as well! Great class for beginner or advanced creatives wanting to broaden their skills with colors and paint! All supplies provided.

You will enjoy Tea, chocolate, splashing in the paint & sisterhood. 

Class Price  $95 with a $10 material fee to the artist the day of the event (or bring your own supplies)

Sept. 15th-10AM-5PM Rainbow Wymin-Mixed Media Journal Day (and Dina’s Birthday celebration)

Rainbows can have a spiritual meaning attached to it in the form of an inner awakening caused by the shining through of light embedded in positive attributes, such as truth and wisdom. They are renowned for their brilliant colors, which vary in intensity and number. Rainbows are beautiful and unique natural phenomena, which makes them suitable for holding magical value and spiritual meaning. Join artist Sepha Nisbet of Travel’n’Brushes and Dina Tibbs for a day of alchemy deepening your connection with colors and your Rainbow Muse. Find how colors can enhance your life!

Great class for beginner or advanced creatives wanting to broaden their skills with colors, paint and other materials!  Make a new SmashBook OR Bring your favorite Art Journal tools and and your Art Journal!  All other supplies provided.

You will enjoy Tea, chocolate, and very likely some birthday cake, splashing in the paint & sisterhood.

Class price  $ 95 for the day for journals... $5 for materials to make a New SmashBook Journal - or bring your own journal! 

About Sepha: Sepha grew up in rural Oregon with a mom who had a ceramic studio in the basement and an architect father! Her days filled with horseback riding, exploring and of course creating! She attended several community colleges with the Arts in mind. As a young woman she apprenticed with the local print shop and began a graphic arts career which would span 20 years and better! Her time has also included school bus driver, truck driver, horseback riding instructor and art teacher. In 2000 she followed her passion to be an artist. She has been on the Board-of Directors of Arts Alliance of Yamhill County, as well as a past member of Wine Country Watercolorists and Oregon Watercolor Society. She is a member of the Intentional Creatives Guild, an international organization. She currently is taking her Travel’n’Brushes on the road. Her passion as she travels, is bringing the joy and empowerment of the creative process into the lives of Women and Children. 

She loves to play using all sorts of things!  Painting with watercolor, acrylic and mixed media on canvas or paper is a favorite. Sepha also plays in the Mudd with clay. It's all a great mystery when she begins, you never know what will happen. Many times her inquiry will lead her to new things she hasn't done before. Thinking thoughts she hasn’t thought before… That's when the Magic really begins as we jump into the pool of creative possibilities and more!

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